Introducing the Canon EOS R5: A Leap Beyond Ordinary

In the dynamic world of camera technology, it’s not every day that a new contender emerges with such fervor and promise as the Canon EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera. Following the somewhat subdued response to its predecessor, the original EOS R, the R5 marked Canon’s resolute stride into the realm of mirrorless cameras, not merely to compete but to set the standard. This camera commands attention not just for its features but for its exclusivity.

While it’s tempting to argue that the Canon EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera exclusively targets professionals, it tells a broader narrative. This is more than a tool; it’s a brand statement, an aspiration for enthusiasts and amateurs alike. In the competitive landscape of imaging devices, the EOS R5 transcends being a mere camera. It’s an emblem of innovation, a symbol of Canon’s commitment to pushing boundaries. This camera stands as a guiding light in the realm of photographic mastery. It transcends being a mere device; it’s an immersive encounter, an expedition into the frontier of imaging technology. Canon has resolutely positioned itself at the forefront of this transformative journey.

But let’s see if all these great words of praise hold their place in reality. Let’s take a detailed look at what lies behind this innovative camera. Is it so groundbreaking as some experts claim?

A Triumph in Bird and Wildlife Photography

As a dedicated birder enthusiast, an avid hiker, and a longstanding advocate for Canon’s photographic prowess, the Canon EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera has left an indelible mark of astonishment upon me. Positive reviews and commendations of like-minded nature photographers, surrounding this camera is nothing short of remarkable. This camera’s seamless amalgamation of cutting-edge technology with the exacting demands of wildlife photography has not merely met but surpassed the discerning expectations of this community. This full-frame camera is an unquestionably valued tool for those who, like me, find inspiration and deep respect for nature.

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Canon EOS R5-body the full-frame mirrorless camera for wildlife photography
Canon EOS R5 Body (Image: Adorama)

Autofocus Mastery of Canon EOS R5 Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

At the heart of the EOS R5’s prowess in bird and wildlife photography is its autofocus system. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF II is coupled with 1,053 AF points and covers a vast portion of the frame. It offers unparalleled flexibility when designated as auto-focus focal points, particularly in Face + Tracking priority AF mode. This extensive coverage ensures the precision of Eye Detection AF is elevated. It allows users to effortlessly focus on their preferred AF point. The camera’s adept handling of fast-paced action guarantees the seamless capture of dynamic moments. It maintains focus with an impressive blend of speed, accuracy, and ease.

EV -6^3 Low-Light Autofocus

The Canon EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera introduces an extraordinary EV -6^3 Low-Light Autofocus capability. It makes it an exceptional choice for nighttime photography or challenging low-light conditions. This advanced autofocus system excels in environments as dim as a light rating of EV -6^3, surpassing the capabilities of other autofocus systems that may struggle or search in such lighting. Remarkably, the AF remains phenomenal even when using lenses with high F numbers. The ultra-sensitive autofocus seamlessly integrates with the EOS R5’s electronic viewfinder (EVF). It ensures clear subject capture even in limited light scenarios. This impressive low-light AF performance empowers photographers and videographers to capture stunning content in dark settings across various locations and occasions.

Bursting with Speed

Speed is often the key to seizing the perfect shot. The EOS R5 doesn’t disappoint, boasting an impressive continuous shooting speed of up to 20 frames per second with the electronic (silent) shutter. This silent shutter functionality proves particularly advantageous in wildlife photography, journalism, and scenarios requiring discreet image capture. Paired with a swift AF/AE system, the advanced DIGIC X Image Processor, and the efficiency of high-speed recording facilitated by the new Dual CFexpress card slots, the EOS R5 ensures swift and precise camera operations, addressing the demands of dynamic shooting situations.

Canon EOS R5 the full-frame mirrorless camera for wildlife photography
Canon EOS R5 Dual CFexpress card slots (Image: Adorama)

Unrivaled Image Quality

The heart of any great camera lies in its ability to translate vision into breathtaking images. With a 45-megapixel full-frame sensor, the EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera ensures not just detail but an immersive depth that brings wildlife photography to life. The low-light performance is exceptional. It enables photographers to venture into the dawn or dusk hours, capturing the subtle nuances of wildlife behavior with clarity and finesse.

DIGIC X Image Processor

Introducing the revolutionary DIGIC X Image Processor, a hallmark in the EOS R5 camera, marking its distinction as the inaugural Canon EOS model within the Mirrorless series to incorporate this powerful processing engine. Designed to elevate image quality, the DIGIC X Image Processor contributes to the refinement of fine details, setting a new standard in the Mirrorless camera line.

Videography Excellence

For those who wish to add a cinematic touch to their wildlife pursuits, the EOS R5 shines as a versatile filmmaking gear. Leveraging the formidable processing prowess of the DIGIC X image processor, the EOS R5 achieves a groundbreaking milestone as the first Canon full-frame mirrorless camera capable of recording uncropped 8K movies at up to 29.97 fps. Furthermore, 4K video shooting reaches remarkable heights at up to 119.9 fps, featuring 4:2:2 10-bit (H.265) Canon Log.

The versatility of Dual Pixel CMOS AF is seamlessly integrated across all 8K and 4K modes, ensuring precise autofocus capabilities. This technological marvel empowers content creators worldwide to unfold their narratives in extraordinary resolutions. Noteworthy additions include internally recorded and uncropped 8K RAW Recording at up to 29.97 fps, coupled with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, and the introduction of HDR-PQ Recording (H.265) capability. It expands the horizons of visual storytelling.

Deep Learning Technology of Canon EOS R5 Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

Head and Eye Detection

Advancing the realm of detection capabilities, the EOS R5 camera elevates head and eye detection to unprecedented heights. Even in scenarios where traditional systems might falter, this innovative camera excels in locating a person’s head or eye when people detection is engaged. This feature ensures seamless and precise capture, whether shooting videos, still images, or navigating Live View mode.

Animal Detection

Introducing a breakthrough in Canon Mirrorless cameras, the EOS R5 pioneers animal detection for the first time. Fueled by cutting-edge deep learning technology, this camera adeptly tracks the entire body, face, or eye of animals such as cats, dogs, or birds, exhibiting remarkable speed and precision. This capability remains steadfast regardless of the animal’s size, posture, or the orientation of its face. The EOS R5 stands as a testament to Canon’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of imaging technology.

Weather-Sealed Durability

Nature photography often demands resilience, and the EOS R5 rises to the occasion with its robust, weather-sealed construction. This camera is not afraid to brave the elements, standing up to rain, dust, and varying temperatures. For photographers who venture into the heart of the wilderness, the EOS R5 is ready to capture extraordinary moments regardless of the environment.

Ergonomically designed for comfort and stability, the EOS R5 camera boasts a robust yet lightweight magnesium alloy chassis. It elevates overall body durability and provides effective protection against electromagnetic radiation and heat. The incorporation of a tempered front panel further enhances internal rigidity. It ensures a resilient construction that can withstand the rigors of demanding photographic endeavors.

Canon EOS R5 - RF 24-105mm F4 L is USM Lens Kit
Canon EOS R5 – RF 24-105mm F4 L is USM Lens Kit (Image: Amazon)

High-Capacity Battery Pack LP-E6NH

Equipped with the High-Capacity Battery Pack LP-E6NH, the EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera offers enhanced power capacity and the added convenience of cross-compatibility with various cameras, including the EOS R and others in the lineup. Particularly advantageous for photographers managing multiple EOS cameras, the robust LP-E6NH Battery Pack ensures enduring and reliable power. It ensures a continuous stream of shots with unwavering performance.

Main Specification and Features


Lens MountCanon RF
Camera FormatFull-Frame (1x Crop Factor)
PixelsActual: 47.1 Megapixel, Effective: 45.0 Megapixel
Maximum Resolution8192 x 5464
Aspect Ratio1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 16:9
Sensor TypeCMOS
Sensor Size36 x 24 mm
Image File FormatJPEG, Raw
Bit Depth14-Bit
Image StabilizationSensor-Shift, 5-Axis

Exposure Control

ISO SensitivityAuto, 100 to 51200 (Extended: 100 to 102400)
Shutter SpeedMechanical Shutter: 1/8000 to 30 Seconds, Electronic Front Curtain Shutter: 1/8000 to 30 Seconds, Electronic Shutter: 1/8000 to 0.5 Seconds
Exposure Compensation-3 to +3 EV (1/3, 1/2 EV Steps)
Metering Range-3 to 20 EV

Continuous Shooting

Mechanical ShutterUp to 12 fps at 45 MP for up to 180 Frames (Raw) / 350 Frames (JPEG)
Electronic ShutterUp to 20 fps at 45 MP for up to 83 Frames (Raw) / 170 Frames (JPEG)
Interval RecordingYes
Self-Timer2/10-Second Delay


Video Capture Format and Resolution8K RAW internal video recording up to 29.97 fps
8K internal video recording up to 29.97 fps in 4:2:2 10-bit Canon Log (H.265)/4:2:2 10-bit HDR PQ (H.265)
4K internal video recording up to 119.88 fps in 4:2:2 10-bit Canon Log (H.265)/4:2:2 10-bit HDR PQ (H.265). 4K external recording is also available up to 59.94 fps
No crop 8K and 4K video capture using the full-width of the sensor
Recording LimitUp to 29 Minutes, 59 Seconds
Video EncodingNTSC/PAL
Audio RecordingBuilt-In Microphone (Stereo), External Microphone Input
Audio File FormatAAC, Linear PCM


Focus TypeAuto and Manual Focus
Focus ModeContinuous-Servo AF (C), Manual Focus (M), Single-Servo AF (S)
Autofocus PointsPhase Detection: 1053
Autofocus Sensitivity-6 to +20 EV

Viewfinder and Monitor

Viewfinder TypeElectronic (OLED)
Viewfinder Size0.5″
Viewfinder Resolution5,760,000 Dot
Viewfinder Eye Point23 mm
Viewfinder Coverage100%
Viewfinder MagnificationApprox. 0.76x
Diopter Adjustment-4 to +2
Monitor Size3.2″
Monitor Resolution2,100,000 Dot
Monitor TypeFree-Angle Tilting Touchscreen LCD


Built-In FlashNo
Maximum Sync Speed1/250 Second
Flash Compensation-3 to +3 EV (1/3, 1/2 EV Steps)
Dedicated Flash SystemeTTL
External Flash ConnectionHot Shoe


Memory Card SlotSlot 1: CFexpress Type B, Slot 2: SD/SDHC/SDXC (UHS-II)
ConnectivityUSB Type-C (USB 3.1), HDMI D (Micro), 3.5mm Headphone, 3.5mm Microphone
WirelessWi-Fi, Bluetooth


Operating Temperature32 to 104 Degrees F (0 to 40 Degrees C)
Operating Humidity0 to 85%


Battery1x LP-E6NH Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Dimensions (W x H x D)5.43 x 3.84 x 3.46″ (138 x 97.5 x 88mm)
Weight1.62 lbs (738g) (Body with Battery and Memory)

Lens Recommendation for Wildlife Photography

In terms of a recommended telephoto lens for bird and wildlife photography with the Canon EOS R5, the Canon RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM lens stands out as an excellent choice. This lens provides a versatile focal range. It allows photographers to capture subjects from a distance while maintaining image sharpness and clarity. The built-in Image Stabilization (IS) ensures steady shots, even in challenging conditions. The fast autofocus system complements the advanced capabilities of the EOS R5, making it a formidable combination for wildlife photography.

Canon RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM (Image: Adorama)

What About its Contenders?

Several mirrorless cameras on the market can compete with the Canon EOS R5, each offering unique features and capabilities.

Here are a few noteworthy contenders:

  1. Sony Alpha 1:
    • Resolution: The Sony Alpha 1 boasts a 50.1-megapixel sensor, providing a slightly higher resolution than the EOS R5.
    • Video Capabilities: It offers impressive 8K video recording capabilities, aligning with the EOS R5’s strengths in videography.
    • Autofocus: Sony’s advanced autofocus system is combined with Real-time Eye AF. It excels in capturing fast-moving subjects, comparable to the EOS R5’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF.
  2. Nikon Z7 II:
    • Resolution: With a 45.7-megapixel sensor, the Z7 II matches the EOS R5 in resolution.
    • Build Quality: Similar to the EOS R5, the Z7 II features a robust magnesium alloy body with weather sealing. It is suitable for challenging outdoor conditions.
    • In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS): The Z7 II’s IBIS complements its high-resolution sensor, offering enhanced stability for handheld shots.
  3. Panasonic Lumix S1R:
    • Resolution: The Lumix S1R boasts an impressive 47.3-megapixel sensor, providing a comparable level of detail to the EOS R5.
    • Video Capabilities: While not at the level of 8K, the S1R offers strong 4K video recording capabilities, catering to videographers.
    • Dual Card Slots: Similar to the EOS R5, the S1R includes dual card slots. It allows for flexible storage options during extended shoots.
  4. Sony A7R IV:
    • Resolution: The A7R IV features a 61-megapixel sensor, surpassing the EOS R5 in terms of resolution.
    • Autofocus: Sony’s renowned Real-time Eye AF and Real-time Tracking capabilities contribute to its prowess in capturing subjects with precision.
    • Dynamic Range: The A7R IV excels in dynamic range, ensuring detailed and nuanced images, similar to the EOS R5.

Each of these cameras has its strengths, and the choice depends on individual preferences, specific use cases, and budget considerations. The Canon EOS R5, however, remains a top contender, particularly due to its well-rounded feature set, advanced autofocus system, and groundbreaking 8K video capabilities.

Conclusion of Canon EOS R5 Full-frame Mirrorless Camera Review

In conclusion, the Canon EOS R5 emerges as a groundbreaking force in the realm of mirrorless cameras. It sets new benchmarks for photographic and videographic excellence. Boasting a formidable 45-megapixel full-frame sensor, the EOS R5 delivers unrivaled image quality and detail, a sentiment echoed in numerous reliable reviews and endorsed by professionals in the field. The innovative Dual Pixel CMOS AF system, with a staggering 1,053 AF points, redefines precision in autofocus. It is especially evident in wildlife photography where swift movements demand unparalleled accuracy.

The EOS R5’s video capabilities are nothing short of revolutionary, with the ability to record uncropped 8K movies at up to 29.97 fps. It is a testament to the high-speed processing prowess of the DIGIC X image processor. Its low-light autofocus performance reaches an exceptional EV -6^3. It solidifies its position as a reliable tool for capturing moments in challenging lighting conditions.

Commitment of Professionals

Canon’s commitment to user convenience is evident in the EOS R5’s design. It features a comfortable and durable magnesium alloy chassis, cross-compatibility with Battery Pack LP-E6NH for increased power efficiency, and an intuitive interface. The incorporation of advanced features such as head and eye detection, animal detection, and a high-speed continuous shooting capability of 20 fps with the electronic shutter further cements the EOS R5 as a versatile and high-performance imaging device.

Professional testimonials and in-depth reviews unanimously applaud the Canon EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera for its game-changing attributes, ranging from its autofocus precision, videography excellence, low-light capabilities, and overall durability. It’s not merely a camera. It’s a tool that empowers photographers and videographers to push creative boundaries, capturing the essence of their subjects with unprecedented detail and finesse. The Canon EOS R5 takes its place at the forefront of mirrorless technology. It stands as a testament to Canon’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving world of digital imaging.

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